Here in Spain and Portugal, the smell of roasting chestnuts in the air is one of the first signs that autumn has arrived and winter holidays are right around the corner. But did you know that this classic and iconic -not to mention delicious, winter food is not only incredibly tasty, it’s incredibly easy to make on a charcoal barbecue? Not only that, pretty much all your favourite holiday foods can be barbecued to utter perfection, especially when you have a Broil King charcoal barbecue at home!

Winter Recipes on a Charcoal Barbecue

Roasting chestnuts is beyond easy on a charcoal barbecue! Simply give fresh chestnuts a little rinse, cut a small X in the shell so they can release steam as they cook, then place them directly onto your charcoal grill that’s been heated to a searing heat (around 200 degrees Celsius). Allow them to roast, turning them occasionally for about 15 minutes, then cool for another 5 before eating and that’s it! A classic holiday treat that’s both tasty and easy!

Other iconic holiday foods can be just as easy on your Broil King charcoal barbecue too. How about turkey breast stuffed with brie, apple butter, sage, and procuitto this holiday season? Or a pork crown roast that tastes as good as it looks? Even delicious sides are easy with a Broil King charcoal barbecue! Try out this mouth-wateringly tasty recipe for new potatoes with ramps and pancetta on your Broil King charcoal grill, or go for something deliciously different by making sweet and spicy smoked beans to accompany your next winter meal, all easily done with a Broil King smoker!

The Best Charcoal Grills

Your favourite (or soon to become favourite) foods can all be made on a Broil King barbecue because Broil King makes the best charcoal barbecues in Spain and Portugal! Always designed and built to the highest of standards, the entire Broil King range of charcoal barbecues -including charcoal smokers, vertical smokers and keg grills, are built to last season after season and year after year after year, without ever compromising on the delicious results that Broil King is synonymous for.

All Broil King barbecues are engineered and purpose built with serious grillers in mind: heavy-duty double walled steel construction, crack-proof wheels and heat-resistant paint are all standard issue, so you know that your charcoal barbecue will live up to its name and reputation. That, combined with Broil King’s renowned cooking systems means you’re practically guaranteed the most delicious results possible no matter what you’re cooking. Don’t believe us? Check out all the features included with all our charcoal barbecues:

Charcoal Smokers: cabinet and offset smokers that offer up to 6,161 cm2 total cooking space, porcelain coated cast iron cooking grids, dual-purpose smoke diffusing trays, Accu-TempTM thermometer, chimney style stack air vent system with fully adjustable Roto-DraftTM pener, all for incredible flavour, incredibly easy, no matter what you’re cooking.

Vertical Charcoal Smoker: Four cubic feet of cooking capacity across four stainless steel cooking grids and a multi-purpose roasting rack combined with our patented Roto-DraftTM damper system, door mounted Accu-TempTM thermometer for precise temperature control, stainless steel water pan and smoker tray, charcoal tray, stainless steel meat hooks, tool hooks, levelling feet and a host of engineering specifications for long-lasting durability, the Broil King Charcoal Smoker is built for serious charcoal barbecue grill masters in mind!

Keg Series: The Broil King Keg Charcoal barbecue provides 3,096 cm2 of cooking space on heavy duty cast iron cooking grids and a secondary chrome-coated cooking rack. These, together with Broil King’s famous Accu-TempTM thermometer, rust-resistant porcelain-coated cooking chamber, insulated double-walled steel body, quality latch and lock lid mechanism, removable steel ask tray and a full list of construction features for incredible durability, the Keg charcoal barbecue is a powerful grilling machine like no other – perfect for all of your favourite barbecue recipes, no matter what the weather or the season!

Winter in Spain and Portugal is still prime barbecuing season so why not take advantage of it with a Broil King barbecue that not only makes cooking your favourite meals easier than you ever thought possible, it makes them tastier than you ever realized too! Check out our full range of barbecues online and find your local Broil King distributor now so you don’t have to waste another minute of mediocre meals instead of the smokey, juicy, mouth-wateringly delicious ones you could be enjoying this winter and beyond with a Broil King: the best charcoal barbecues in Spain and Portugal.


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