Winter is right around the corner – time to fire up your barbecue! Yes, you read that right, Winter is prime barbecuing season (especially in Spain and Portugal) and here’s why:

The weather: Barbecuing is best known as an outdoor Summer activity because it’s warm and sunny, right? Well here in Spain and Portugal, we enjoy sunshine practically all year long, so we can enjoy alfresco dining practically whenever we want!

The people: Winter has a lot of holidays – plenty of reasons to get together with friends and family. And really, is there a better way to celebrate any event than with a barbecue? We think not!

The food: When it comes down to it, barbecues are all about the food. And Winter barbecues are no exception. Grilling on a Broil King barbecue this Winter means you have an endless ability to make all your favourite Winter warmer recipes, thanks to our renowned cooking system that’s purpose-built for foodie perfection! That little bit of natural moisture in the air that Winter brings is also to your benefit too, as it helps keep your foods extra juicy while you keep barbecuing away!

So now that we’ve established that not only you can, but you should be enjoying a tasty barbecue this Winter, let’s talk specifics on how to do it!

Getting Your Barbecue Ready for Winter

No matter if you have a gas barbecue, charcoal barbecue, or pellet barbecue, the first step to a perfect Winter grilling session is making sure your barbecue is clean, prepped and primed for Winter grilling. Don’t worry though, it’s not as difficult or as complicated as you may think.

To prepare your gas barbecue for Winter cooking, you’ll want to do a quick check to make sure that there’s no leak in your gas supply line. To do this, simply place a bit of soapy water on the closed valve where it connects to the gas tank, then slowly turn on the gas. If bubbles appear, don’t use your barbecue -you may have a leak and will need to replace the hose. You’ll also want to clean, at a minimum, your cookbox and grease tray, but we recommend a more thorough cleaning following these step by step instructions.

For charcoal barbecues, you’ll want to remove any ashes from the ash tray in the cooking chambers. Simply scoop them into cold aluminium foil and throw them in your normal rubbish bin (mixing them into your garden soil or compost bin is a good option too!). Your grill and cookbox would probably appreciate a quick clean too.

If you have a pellet barbecue, you’ll want to remove ashes from the ash tray and wipe down the inside of your grill, just as you would for a charcoal barbecue. Just make sure you remove any pellets from the pellet hopper first to avoid any moisture getting to them while you do.

Now, what to cook…

Winter Cooking on a Broil King Barbecue

Spain and Portugal may be well known for their warm Winters, but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy heartier meals during the Winter months too. Why not try a grilled leg of lamb or delicious grilled salmon for your holiday get-togethers, cooked to perfection on a Broil King gas barbecue? Or get that classic barbecue smoke flavour even in the height of Winter with a juicy steak, baked potato and grilled vegetables on a charcoal barbecue. And slow cooking a gorgeous smoked tomato soup, smoked risotto, or smoked beef tenderloin with a pellet barbecue from Broil King is as easy as it is delicious.

No matter what you’re cooking or what Broil King barbecue you’re cooking on, getting delicious barbecue results is always assured, thanks to Broil King’s legendary cooking system that allows you to grill, roast and bake just about anything you can imagine to utter perfection. Engineered and built with a host of features that provide unparalleled excellence in cooking versatility, delicious results, and long-lasting durability, Broil King isn’t known as the king of barbecues for nothing! Learn more about what makes all of our barbecues the best barbecues in Spain and Portugal on our website and don’t forget to explore our gas barbecue, charcoal barbecue, and pellet barbecue recipes on our gas barbecue, charcoal barbecue, and pellet barbecue Pinterest recipe pages to find a whole host of delicious recipes to try out this Winter and beyond.


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