September is right around the corner – what did you do this summer? As you might have guessed, we had a lot of barbecues with friends and family, but this year we also enjoyed watching the Olympics too. And that got us thinking: If barbecuing was an Olympic sport, what would it take to bring home the gold? Turns out, with Broil King on your team, you’re already well on your way to gold medal-standard barbecues!

Top Gear for Top Grill masters

Great athletes come from all backgrounds and the same goes for great grill masters. But when it comes to Olympic-level success, your equipment can take you from great to world-class. So if you’ve set your sights on being the best behind the barbecue, one of the best investments you can make is in a barbecue that brings out the best in you. Obviously, we think this is a Broil King barbecue – after all our engineers designed and built them with that goal in mind! Whether you prefer gas barbecues, charcoal barbecues, pellet barbecues, built-in barbecues or portable barbecues, all Broil King grills are built to give you the best results no matter what you’re cooking, because they all come with our best-in-class purpose-built cooking system that lets you sear, roast, smoke, grill and even bake everything from simple sides to delicious mains and elaborate desserts. Whatever recipe you throw at it, Broil King has a barbecue that can make it happen -easily and deliciously!

Staying Hot Under Pressure

Most athletes work hard to stay cool under pressure – but not you grill master, you’re all about searing heat! We know that great grilling is all about maintaining a consistent heat no matter what you’re cooking or what temperature you’re cooking at, that’s why Broil King Barbecues are so proud of their Flav-R-WaveTM cooking system, Sure-LiteTM electronic dual-electrode ignition systems, Dual-TubeTM  burners and Accu-TempTM  thermometers that make getting your grill to the exact temperature you need and keeping it there completely hassle-free. Not to mention the heavy-duty stainless steel or cast-iron cooking grids, infrared side burners, porcelain-coated warming racks and double-walled steel construction or porcelain enamelled hood panels that come standard on our barbecues to not just keep up with the grilling competition but easily surpass them and keep them miles behind!

Bonus Points

Your Broil King grill is already built to give you what you need to get to the top level of the awards podium, but if you’re an over-achiever that strives perfection, then you’ll likely be going for bonus points. In the grilling world, this mean accessories and Broil King has you covered there too! From grilling tools and sets to skewers and skewer racks, fajita pans, woks, griddles, pizza stones, smoker boxes, planks, wood chips and pellets, Broil King’s fantastic range of barbecue accessories allows you to take your best recipes and winning technique to the next level and get your barbecues the never-ending attention they deserve.

15 Minutes of Fame?

The best part about buying a Broil King barbecue this summer, is that we’ve got your back -year after year after year. All of our barbecues are purpose-built to last with a solid, heavy-duty design including rust-resistant stainless steel components, heat-proof external paint, sturdy cast aluminium and more. Plus they all come with some major warranties too, because we don’t believe in only having 15 minutes of grill master fame. We’re in it for the long-haul so you can bring home the gold every time you fire up your Broil King barbecue.

Ready to make an Olympic-sized splash at your next barbecue? Talk to your local Broil King distributor in stores across Spain and Portugal to find the right barbecue for you and let us help you up your grilling game to one of unparalleled, gold-medal standard!

Go Team Broil King!

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