Searching for the best gas barbecue in Spain and Portugal? Then look no further my BBQ friend, Broil King is here! Our grills are already legendary in North America (not to brag, but we are Canada’s most popular brand) and now we’ve crossed the pond to be with you in Spain and in Portugal too! What makes us so legendary? Well, since you asked…


Seriously Built Grills For Serious Grillers

Broil King gas barbecues, like our pellet barbecues, charcoal barbecues and built in barbecues, are made of some seriously tough materials so they can outlast just about anything you can throw at it and give you the best barbecue results every single time.

Made from heavy-duty stuff like double-walled and rust-resistant stainless steel, cast iron cooking grids, porcelain-coated warming racks, porcelain-enamelled hood panels, heat-proof external paint, solid cast aluminium components and so much more, sure, our barbecues are great for casual grillers, but they’ve been engineered and manufactured for the serious grillers out there, the real BBQ connoisseurs, the grill-masters of the world you might say. That’s because we know that once you get your hands on one of our beauties and discover how easy they create a full array of mouth-wateringly delicious recipes, it won’t be long until you’ll be cooking outdoors all the time (yes, even on those rare rainy days we get here in Spain and Portugal!)


Unparalleled Barbecue Performance

With all the careful engineering design and construction that goes into building a Broil King gas barbecue, it goes without saying that all our grills are backed by a seriously impressive warranty so you never have to worry about your barbecue’s durability. But let’s go beyond their solid construction: what really makes Broil King gas barbecues the best barbecues in Spain and Portugal is, of course, their incredible performance. Our patented Flav-R-WaveTM cooking system has feature after feature that make perfection-level execution of just about any recipe on your gas barbecue a piece of cake -including cake! Sear, roast, grill, even bake your favourite foods just the way you like with precision-level temperature control thanks to the Broil King Sure-LiteTM electronic dual-electrode ignition system, Dual-TubeTM burners, and Accu-TempTM thermometers; create a multitude of dishes including mains, sides and desserts with extra large grilling areas, infrared side burners and warming racks; and do it all with touch-of-a-button ease with our Linear-FlowTM valves with 180-degree sensi-touchTM control. Plus, with a whole host of purpose-built accessories like pizza stones, woks, roasters, skewers, smoke boxes and more, you’re pretty much guaranteed to be able to make anything and everything your heart desires on one of our gas barbecues and all with unparalleled results too! Now, if that doesn’t make us the best gas barbecue in Spain and Portugal, we don’t know what does!


The Right BBQ For You

You know you want one, but which one? Broil King has the perfect barbecue for just about every home, lifestyle and grilling style out there, so take a look through our expansive gas barbecue product range to find the perfect one that offers everything you need, from size and shape to portability and performance features. You can find a good rundown on our gas barbecue offerings on another one of our blogs, but if we can offer one piece of advice, it’s this: don’t get too caught up in the details – all Broil King barbecues are built to offer the same unsurpassed performance, durability and ease so you can’t really go wrong with whatever your heart (or your stomach!) leads you to. And of course, you can get in touch with us anytime to answer to any questions you have, or if you’re one of the touchy-feely types, you can find our gas barbeques at many stores across Spain and Portugal. Check out our store locator here.


We look forward to welcoming you to the Broil King family – the home of the serious griller.

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