Hey you! Yes you! Do you own a portable barbecue? You should! Take a look out your closest window…go on…what do you see? If you’re in Spain or Portugal, chances are, the overwhelming majority of your view is of bright, sunny weather and blue skies. Am I right? No need to answer, I know I’m right. And THAT, my friend, is precisely why a portable barbecue should most definitely be on your list of must-have items this summer and beyond.

Spain and Portugal run a tight race for being the sunniest country in Europe, each with over 300 days of sunshine per year, a major selling point to living or even just spending your holidays in either country. We live outdoors -and why wouldn’t we, with all that incredible weather and stunning vistas from literally anywhere in the country? Add to that the very social nature of Spanish and Portuguese culture and it’s easy to see why barbecues are such a popular way to prepare and eat our meals. Add a Broil King charcoal or gas portable barbecue to the mix and you’ve got a recipe for living the best life! So why confine that superb outdoor living to your home or garden? With a Broil King portable BBQ, you get the same incredibly tasty results you’ve come to expect from a Broil King barbecue quite literally anywhere you can get yourself to (ok, not anywhere -please no barbecues on your roof, while swimming in the ocean, or inside any of the countless palaces, monuments, and museums of Spain or Portugal, even if you have a ticket for entry!)

You can, though -and should, take your Broil King portable grill with you for both celebratory and mundane family days out to the beach, hiking and camping, to the park, tailgating at the big match…you get the idea! No matter what model you choose, you’re guaranteed a quality, durable, easy-to-use barbecue with amazing meal results, no matter what you’re cooking. Our Porta-Chef TM 320 weighs only 18kgs and has detachable legs for easy transport, 3 burners, and 2,775 cm2 of cooking space -and all that on top of our signature stainless steel Flav-R-WaveTM cooking system, Linear-FlowTM valves, Sure-LiteTM electronic ignition system, Accu-TempTM thermometer, and cast iron cooking grids. For even more portability, our slightly smaller Porta-ChefTM 120 has all the same incredible features as our larger model but with 2,245 cm2 total cooking space, one burner, and a porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grid. Both are backed with a 10-year warranty on their cook boxes, 3-year warranty on their burners, and 2-year warranty on parts and paint, so you rest assured you’re going to get the tastiest results from your Broil King portable gas grill for years to come, no matter where you take it on your adventures!

Where will you take your Broil King Porta-Chef portable gas barbecue this summer?

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