Is there a better way to take advantage of the gorgeous summers that Spain and Portugal offer than with al fresco dining any (or every) day of the week? We think not! And with Broil King’s range of incredible grill heads to make up your perfect outdoor kitchen, you can not only enjoy eating delicious meals outdoors, you can cook them there, too! Yes, you can have it all: cool breezes, great company, and a barbecue at the ready to make the most flavourful foods you can dream of, all made possible with Broil King’s range of built-in grill heads !

From expansive cooking and entertaining facilities at ultra-luxurious villas to modest purpose-built patios designed to beat the heat and keep your home cool and comfortable no matter what season of the year, Broil King has multiple styles of BBQ grill heads available in two separate ranges to meet the needs of every outdoor kitchen and its chef. Available in 4, 5, or 6-burner configurations, our Imperial and Regal BBQ grill heads all boast Broil King’s famous Flav-R-WaveTM cooking system that ensures incredible flavour in everything you’re cooking and independently-controlled Dual-TubeTM burners with Linear FlowTM valves to provide precision-level temperature control so your meals come out perfectly, no matter what’s on the grill. Add in stainless steel or reversible cast iron grids, electric ignitions, rotisserie burners, warming racks, control button illumination and more and you’ve got the makings of an outdoor kitchen or grilling island that’ll be the envy of the whole neighbourhood! Check out all the incredible features of all of our outdoor BBQ grill heads on the Broil King Spain website.

With a Broil King BBQ, you’re of course assured superior durability (in fact, we guarantee it) and delicious results no matter what barbecue grill or grill head you choose for your home. Our engineers are immensely proud of the research they’ve put into the design and features of our grills and grilling accessories so your outdoor kitchen can be easily personalized to you and your family’s home and grilling lifestyle, no matter what that happens to be. With its versatility, ease of cooking and vastly superior results, choosing a Broil King grill head for your outdoor kitchen is the obvious choice, but to really make you the talk of the town, here’s a few more ideas to create an outdoor kitchen worthy of a king:

  • For indoor-outdoor cooking convenience, keep an open flow from your outdoor kitchen to your indoor version. For a great outdoor dining experience, the grill master and their guests should all be able to quickly grab forgotten tableware, food, drinks, condiments, etc from inside with ease.
  • Opt for as much counter space as your outdoor kitchen area allows for. BBQs are often served family or buffet style and having plenty of space to lay out (and show off!) all your tasty dishes will make outdoor dining easier for you and your guests, no matter how many there are.
  • Apart from your outdoor dining or outdoor living areas, organize your outdoor kitchen into three general zones: cooking (this is where your Broil King grill head will go!), prep and cleaning, and refrigeration. Plenty of detached cleaning and preparation counter space apart from your dining or service area will give you a cooking independence you’ll come to appreciate as grill master, and although refrigeration is a must, you may want to consider several separate fridges if your space allows for it: one for raw meats and another for fresh foods, like salads, ready for serving. If you’re opting for a beverage refrigerator in your outdoor kitchen plan, this should be kept away from the grilling area and closer to the dining or entertaining zones so that guests have easy access without overcrowding the grill area.
  • Plenty of low cabinets or storage in your outdoor kitchen will keep the views focused upwards and outwards, meaning you can better enjoy the incredible views that are found in every corner of Spain or Portugal. To withstand the elements, stainless steel cabinets and cupboards (and grill!) is best.
  • Always include some kind of seating or dining area, even if it’s a small space. Keep it cool by placing it slightly away from the grilling area, and don’t forget to include an outdoor sofa or lounge chair if possible to rest after your delicious meal!
  • Finally, don’t be afraid to enlist the help of a designer before building your outdoor kitchen. It’ll likely get as much use -if not more, than your indoor one and deserves just as much interior design attention as any other area of your home.

Ready to make your outdoor kitchen dream a reality? Come have a chat with the BBQ masters at any of our local dealers and let’s make it happen!

What are you waiting for? Summer’s already here and BBQ season is already upon us, so let’s get grillin!



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