There’s always that one person on your Christmas gift list, that no matter how many times you ask, always tells you the same thing:

“I don’t need anything for Christmas this year” or “I already have everything I want this year.”

They are lying. They know it, you know it, but now finding something to put under the Christmas tree is a million times more difficult right? Wrong. At least, not if they’re one of the many serious barbeque fans we’ve got here in Spain or Portugal. That’s because Broil King not only makes the best gas, charcoal and pellet barbeques on the peninsula, we’ve got all the best BBQ accessories to go with them, that will bring a smile to any grill master’s face this Christmas.

Why not update their must-have grilling tools with a shiny new grilling tool set? A new pair of tongs, a flipper, grill lifter, basting brush, side shelf mat or pork claws are sure to be appreciated by the serious griller in your life, especially considering theirs will have already been used too many times to count this year! Or why not help your favourite grill master start the new year off with a gorgeous, ready-to-go grill by gifting them a grill brush or barbecue grill cover? It may not be something they’d think to include in a wish list, but it would definitely be appreciated!

Is the griller in your life ready to take their grilling skills up a notch and try out some new BBQ recipes? Then look no further than our line of roasters and woks, skewers and skewer racks and pizza-on-the-grill accessories! Perfectly roasted chicken and restaurant-quality wings, ribs and peppers are theirs for the taking with Broil King’s purpose-built roasters and roasting pans. Give them the gift of time with a BBQ vegetable wok, large enough to roast all their Christmas dinner veggies in one go, or let them create incredible kebabs, vegetarian skewers, or even pizza with ease and always with the most delicious results they’ve come to expect from their Broil King barbeque! Boxing day breakfast can be a delicious barbeque affair too, with a barbecue griddle that can cook eggs, bacon, sausages, potatoes, pancakes and all the best brunch foods with ease! Just don’t forget to secure an invitation to dinner too, before they start unwrapping – you’re not going to want to miss out on the deliciousness that’s sure to come when they break these BBQ accessories out!

If your grill master has a pellet barbeque, they would definitely appreciate a BBQ Christmas gift that ensures delicious smokey flavour every time they fire up the grill! Some quality wood pellets from Broil King are sure to be appreciated, if they don’t have a pellet grill then for serious brownie points go for a smoker box or grilling plank for an iconic barbeque flavour in their favourite recipes on the grill. And although juicy meats are practically guaranteed with Broil King’s patented cooking system, that doesn’t mean basting or marinading your favourite cuts of meat for even more incredible flavour are out of the question! So why not give the serious griller in your life a quality basting set or marinade injector this Christmas? Wrap it up with a bottle of one of our famous marinades or rubs and you’re sure to impress this year!

Finally, if the griller in your life is on Santa’s naughty list this year and has a Broil King keg barbeque, don’t be afraid to give them a few lumps of coal! Broil King’s premium hardwood lump charcoal that is! We also have plenty more keg accessories that you can include too, so that you definitely get on the nice list this year!

See? Finding the perfect BBQ gift for the griller in your life this Christmas is a lot easier then you think! Find your local Broil King retailer across Spain and Portugal online, then pop on down to see them to pick up quite possibly the best Christmas gift the griller in your life never knew they wanted!

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