Is it just us or does just the smell of a barbecue put you in a good mood? We don’t know about you, but we’re pretty sure that’s because, for us here at Broil King, BBQ smells like great times with friends and family, worry-free summertime schedules, the tranquillity of camping in the mountains, sunny days at the beach, and a lifetime of happy childhood memories all rolled up into one. The smoke from a barbecue really has a smell like no other -and you know what? Neither does the taste of juicy meats, delectable vegetables, and fresh seafood cooked on one.

Intense, iconic, flavourful smoke from a barbecue is best achieved with a pellet barbecue and it goes without saying that when it comes to choosing one, Broil King is the best. We may be biased but go and ask our customers: a Broil King pellet grill makes the smokey, flavour-infused deliciousness you expect from a pellet grill remarkably easy and unforgettably tasty. Every pellet grill in the Broil King pellet series is constructed from heavy-duty steel for the durability you need to use it over and over, all year long, without fuss or worry, and they all come with a powerful auger, substantial hopper, reversible cast iron grids and WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled digital controls that make smoking, roasting or searing easy and as delicious as the best barbecue you can imagine. Plus don’t forget about the removable drip tray and burn-pot agitators that come standard on all our pellet grills, either, that make cleaning-up a breeze so you get more time to sit back and relax with a cold drink, great friends, and unbelievably tasty food, wherever and whenever the barbecue craving strikes.

But it’s not just about the superiority of the pellet grills we offer the grill masters of Spain, Portugal, and beyond, oh no. Here at Broil King, we take your beloved barbecue experience one step further with your choice of wood pellets that provide an incredible smell and flavour to whatever you’re grillin’ up. Our Smoke Master’s blend of wood pellets combines the best of Maple, Hickory and Cherry wood to provide an intense hickory smoke flavour with just a touch of palatable sweetness, creating an end result to your barbecue menus that’s both complex yet well-balanced; while our Griller’s Select blend mixes Maple, Oak, and Cherry for a lighter, more refined but just as tasty barbecue flavour to your dishes. And for the purists out there, we also offer Hickory wood pellets that gives the most distinctly smokey barbecue flavour to your dishes, absolutely perfect for smoking ham or grilling bacon on your Broil King pellet barbecue. Each pellet style is a matter of personal preference, but no matter which pellet selection you choose, you can grill in confidence of getting the absolutely best results knowing that all Broil King pellets are 100% natural with no fillers, binders or additives. So go on, try them all on for size. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

What will you be grilling up this summer? Send us your drool-worthy recipes and photos or invite us to your next cook out by tagging us in your Facebook and Instagram photos!

Broil King: Iconic barbecue flavours from the best barbecue brand in Spain and Portugal.

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